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Orthodontic treatment costs

At Beam Orthodontics, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of treatment and care. Treatments can cost from as little as £94 per month, with flexible finance options. After your consultation, we’ll provide you with a bespoke quote for your treatment.

Treatment fees - Private Care

Invisalign® Full, upper and lowersFrom £4000
Invisalign Moderate (Single arch)From £2500
Invisalign Moderate (Both arches)From £3500
Invisalign® Lite, upper + lowersFrom £3000
Invisalign® Lite, upper or lowers onlyFrom £2000
Invisalign® Teen, upper + lowersFrom £4000
Fixed Braces, Upper and lower full archesFrom £4000
Fixed Brace, Upper or lower front teeth onlyFrom £1800
Replacement vacuum formed retainersFrom £100 per arch
Replacement bonded retainerFrom £150 per arch
Vivera retainersFrom £400

Beam Future Smiles (under-18s)

Treatment with Fixed braces: top & bottomFrom £2200
Initial phase with Removable braceFrom £600
Treatment with Twin BlockFrom £800
Essential Range Bonded Retainer£150 per arch
White Brackets Supplement (Ceramic top and gold on lowers)£400
Invisalign LiteFrom £3000
Invisalign FirstFrom £3000
Invisalign – Mandibular advancementFrom £4700
Carriere appliance phaseFrom £1000

Have more questions about treatment costs?

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