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iTero Scanner

When you come to Beam Orthodontics, you’ll get first-hand experience with top-tier technology, like our iTero Scanner. The new, improved and extremely accurate method to capture impressions of a patient’s teeth – without the mess of silicone moulds.

Why is the iTero Scanner ideal for our patients?

After a quick process using a handheld wand to snap thousands of images per second, the software of the iTero Scanner builds a precise 3D model of your teeth. We use this model to create a customised treatment plan, construct orthodontic appliances (like braces and aligners), and monitor progress over time. It’s easy, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Achieving your dream smile is just one scan away

At Beam Orthodontics, you’ll receive a complimentary consultation where we can utilise our iTero Scanner to display the future of your smile at every phase of your orthodontic treatment – including the final result!