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Clear braces

At Beam Orthodontics, we firmly believe you are never too old for orthodontic treatment, particularly when the results can be life-changing. However, we also understand that you might not want your treatment on display. That’s why we offer discreet clear braces to our patients.

Are clear braces right for me?

Fixed braces, whether clear or metal, are the bread and butter of orthodontics. Our orthodontists have exceptional experience with braces treatment, and will let you know if braces are best for you. Fixed clear braces can treat even complex orthodontic issues in most cases.

Types of clear braces

At Beam Orthodontics, we choose the braces we offer very carefully. We use brands we believe in – and those we believe bring our patients the best results. The clear braces we have chosen under much consideration are Clarity brackets.

Clarity brackets use discreet clear brackets. They are durable, efficient and stain resistant – so you can enjoy their discretion all the way through treatment.

Benefits of clear braces

Benefits of clear braces

  • Able to fix both major and minor orthodontic problems
  • Ideal for self-conscious teens and client-facing adults
  • Virtually invisible throughout your treatment
  • Tried and true technology
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Comfortable to wear

Take the first step to the smile you’ve always wanted

Orthodontic treatment is more discreet, effective and convenient than ever before. Find out if clear braces could be the answer for your smile at your free consultation with Beam Orthodontics.