Case studies: See our real patient smiles

There is nothing more rewarding than giving someone the gift of a beautiful new smile. See the incredible transformations we have achieved for some of our patients, and learn about their treatment journey at Beam Orthodontics.

Rachel Robly

Treatment : Invisalign®

“Rachel had full Invisalign® treatment on her upper and lower arches to address crowding. She used our convenient Dental Monitoring app for remote check-ins over the course of her 14 month treatment. At the very end, Rhu smoothed the edges of her teeth for a polished finish.”


Kaleem Baretto

Treatment : Invisalign®

“Kaleem is an international rugby player and spends a lot of time away from home. Using our Dental Monitoring app to track his progress, he only needed 6 appointments at Beam to get his teeth straightened using Invisalign® treatment.

Once the gap in his front teeth was successfully closed and the aligners came off, Kaleem’s dentist completed his smile makeover with some build-up work on two teeth.”




Amy Baigrie

Treatment : Invisalign® Lite

“When Amy first visited us her lower front teeth were slightly crowded. We were able to use Invisalign® Lite to straighten her smile in just 5 months (using 14 aligners). She also had whitening treatment and composite bonding to her upper lateral incisors done with our dental partners.”


Eilidh Rennie

Treatment : Invisalign® for teens

“Eilidh had gaps between her teeth that she was hoping to close discreetly without traditional fixed braces. By selecting Invisalign® for teens, she got the smile she wanted in secret in just over 9 months.”


Jonathan Stewart

Treatment : Invisalign®

“Jonathan started Invisalign® treatment with our team to address crowding issues. He used our Dental Monitoring app throughout this treatment to reduce the number of visits to our practice.

After completing his treatment, Jonathan received both fixed and removable retainers to maintain his new smile. He then finished off his smile transformation with composite bonding and whitening treatment from his dentist.”


Carol Ferguson

Treatment : Fixed Braces

“Carol was lacking confidence in her smile, but we gave her that needed confidence boost with fixed braces! Her full treatment of upper and lower arches took 2 years and 4 months. After debonding, Rhu lightly polished the edges of Carol’s upper incisors as a finishing touch.”



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