Orthodontic problems

At Beam Orthodontics we love the difference orthodontic treatment can make to the lives of our patients. We see major and minor orthodontic cases on a daily basis and enjoy the challenge each one presents to us. Combining our orthodontic knowledge with impressions of your teeth and jaws taken with our iTero intra-oral scanner, we can plan your treatment to combat any orthodontic problem you may have.

Types of Orthodontic problems

If you’re wondering if your teeth-related problem can be fixed with orthodontics, here are some of the most common ones we treat, but we can always treat more! 



Crowding is a very common problem we see here at Beam Orthodontics. This occurs when there isn’t enough space in your mouth for your teeth, causing your teeth to fight for space and overlap each other. 




The opposite of crowding problems is spacing. If you have too much space in your mouth and therefore too much room for your teeth, gaps can appear. These gaps are prime locations for plaque to build up, thus increasing your chances of tooth decay and potentially gum disease (gingivitis). 




Orthodontics isn’t just focused on correcting problems associated with teeth, but with problems associated with jaw alignment. If your top teeth sit out over your bottom teeth this is a sign of an overbite. 




The opposite of an overbite is an underbite, where your bottom teeth jut out past your top teeth. Problems with your bite can lead to poor oral health, digestive issues (if you don’t chew your food properly) and impacted teeth. 


Open bite

Open bite

If your teeth don’t meet when you bite down on your back molars, this is known as an open bite. The good news is all of these bite problems are easily corrected with orthodontic appliances and we get great results for our patients suffering from these problems at Beam Orthodontics. 


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Costs and finance plans

Name of treatment Price Monthly repayments
Invisalign from £3,000 £25 over 3 years
Lingual Braces from £1,600 £40 over 1 year



Braces for

Braces for





Specialist Orthodontists

Ruaridh McKelvey

Rhu graduated in Dentistry at Glasgow in 1995, gained his Fellowship in Dental Surgery with the Royal College of Surgeons in 1998 and then spent three years in Specialist Orthodontic training in Bristol and Exeter, completing the orthodontic exam (M.Orth) in Edinburgh in 2002. Rhu has worked both in practice and as a locum consultant. He has been based in Dundee since 2005 where he launched Beam Ortho with his wife, Jane.

Rhu appears in the Top 5 Scottish dental professionals, in Dentistry Scotland’s Leading 20 list. He was the highest rank Specialist Orthodontist too.

GDC reg no 70532

Meet the team

  • Ruaridh McKelvey Principal Specialist
  • Ruth Fowler Specialist
  • Elinor Chalmers Specialist
  • Jane Adams Partner/
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    Client Consultant
  • Ariane Diplexcito Orthodontic

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John - 34Invisalign


Invisalign - 12 months

I wanted to be able to smile at my wedding so I went for a free consultation with Beam. My smile has been transformed in one year thansks to Rua and his team.

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