Family Smiles Promotion

If you missed out on straight teeth when you were younger, now is your chance to get your own perfect smile. 

At Beam Orthodontics, parents of our younger patients love to see the transformation in their own child’s smile and their confidence growing during treatment. They realise all the positive benefits that a gorgeous smile brings. We often hear them say “I wish I had braces as a child. I hate my smile now.” 

Family promotions

Adult orthodontic treatment

It is never too late to have your own perfect smile. If your child is having orthodontic treatment, why not join them and benefit from the skills and expertise of our specialist orthodontists at Beam Orthodontics? 

Start your own course of orthodontic treatment during your child’s treatment with us and receive £200 off. Just mention “Family Smiles Promotion” when you call. 

Discreet treatment options

If the thought of being seen wearing braces is still holding you back from achieving the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of, this may change your mind. 

At Beam Orthodontics, we have responded to the rise in the number of adults looking for a perfect smile and offer a range of aesthetic treatment options. These include clear ceramic braces, lingual braces and Invisalign aligners

What’s more, at Beam Orthodontics we are specialists in all the leading edge orthodontic techniques to ensure your treatment is totally tailored to you, your lifestyle and your budget. 

Reasons to smile

Being able to smile and laugh carefree and confidently is liberating, especially after years of feeling self-conscious about your smile. You are never too old for specialist orthodontic treatment and the results can be life-changing. 

So what are you waiting for? Give the friendly team at Beam Orthodontics a call today, mention “Family Smiles Promotion”, receive £200 and start your journey to the smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

Now there are no more excuses!

Costs and finance plans

Name of treatment Price Monthly repayments
Invisalign from £3,000 £25 over 3 years
Lingual Braces from £1,600 £40 over 1 year



Braces for

Braces for





Specialist Orthodontists

Ruaridh McKelvey

Rhu graduated in Dentistry at Glasgow in 1995, gained his Fellowship in Dental Surgery with the Royal College of Surgeons in 1998 and then spent three years in Specialist Orthodontic training in Bristol and Exeter, completing the orthodontic exam (M.Orth) in Edinburgh in 2002. Rhu has worked both in practice and as a locum consultant. He has been based in Dundee since 2005 where he launched Beam Ortho with his wife, Jane.

Rhu appears in the Top 5 Scottish dental professionals, in Dentistry Scotland’s Leading 20 list. He was the highest rank Specialist Orthodontist too.

GDC reg no 70532

Meet the team

  • Ruaridh McKelvey Principal Specialist
  • Ruth Fowler Specialist
  • Elinor Chalmers Specialist
  • Jane Adams Partner/
    Business & Private
    Client Consultant
  • Ariane Diplexcito Orthodontic

Before & After

  • Before
  • After
John - 34Invisalign


Invisalign - 12 months

I wanted to be able to smile at my wedding so I went for a free consultation with Beam. My smile has been transformed in one year thansks to Rua and his team.

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