Meet the Beam Orthodontics team

Here at Beam Orthodontics, we have created a dynamic, contemporary specialist orthodontic practice that uses the very latest techniques and technology to create beautiful smiles for people of all ages. 

Professional development is an important part of our armoury, allowing us to keep pushing our standards of care to the next level. Every member of our team plays an essential role in the Beam journey and the outcome delights every one of our patients. 

Meet the team who will look after you at Beam Orthodontics. 

Beam Orthodontics team

Costs and finance plans

Name of treatment Price Monthly repayments
Invisalign from £3,000 £25 over 3 years
Lingual Braces from £1,600 £40 over 1 year



Braces for

Braces for





Jane Adams

Jane Adams

Partner/Business & Private Client Consultant
GDC number: 70488

Jane graduated from Glasgow Dental School in 1995 and then spent time within hospital, community and general dentistry in Dumfries, Newcastle and Edinburgh. In 1999, Jane opted to follow a path divergent from dentistry and began ‘on the job training’ as an interior designer, specialising in residential development projects; she is never far away from plotting an interiors project. In 2006 Jane returned to her birth town of Dundee with Rhu to set up Beam and has taken up the mantle of non-clinical director and creative planning for Beam. She is proud to be an official Dundee Ambassador. Jane's most recent project has been launching Author Interiors, a new online retail website for exclusive British designed and made interior products.

Lynne Wilson

Lynne Wilson

Business Development Manager

Lynne has been working for Beam since 2009, and keeps the wheels in motion! She has responsibility for strategic business planning, managing the practice’s finances, forecasting, and human resources. Importantly, Lynne is also head of the practice’s social committee and has responsibility for public relations, ensuring the referring dentists are happy and fully aware of all the treatment options available to their patients at Beam.

Lynne was headhunted by Rhu and Jane when she was providing book-keeping and payroll services to the practice, through a business which she set up in 2002.

Prior to joining Beam, Lynne worked for 17 years in the University of Dundee as a Research Unit Manager. Her department was established to develop research in the field of profound and multiple intellectual disability, and gave Lynne vast experience in project management, public relations, and staff care, providing the ideal foundations to head up the management team at Beam.

Lynne has recently became an Ambassador for Help for Kids, a local children charity based in the heart of Dundee. The support they provide within Tayside and Angus is targeted to cases where children are disadvantaged through social and economic circumstances, or through health and disability.

Treatment Coordinators

Lisa-Jane and Gemma are both fully qualified dental nurses, with a great knowledge of private orthodontic appliances. They will help you start your journey into orthodontic treatment. This is a vital role with our ever growing patient numbers. They are both often the first point of contact for enquires in regards to private or essential treatments. Lisa-jane and Gemma are both very approachable and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Treatment Co-ordinator

  • Lisa-Jane Gallagher
    Lisa-Jane Gallagher GDC no. 159288
  • Gemma Scott
    Gemma Scott GDC no. 208844

Orthodontic Therapists

Orthodontic Therapists are relatively new to UK dentistry. Beam is leading the way in Scotland and has been at the forefront of training Orthodontic Therapists. We are proud to be one of the first clinics in the UK to properly embrace the role of Orthodontic Therapists.

Orthodontic Therapists assist the Specialist Orthodontist to fit and adjust braces.

  • Tammy Thomson
    Tammy Thomson GDC no. 143357
  • Shonagh Robertson
    Shonagh Robertson GDC no. 170732
  • Ariane Diplexcito
    Ariane Diplexcito GDC no. 141026
  • Shelli Duncan
    Shelli Duncan GDC no. 199282
  • Louise Crowe
    Louise Crowe GDC no. 124567
  • Robyn Haxton
    Robyn Haxton GDC no. 248332

Orthodontic Nurses

Our Orthodontic Nurses play a crucial support role to the Orthodontist and Therapist, assisting them with treatment procedures and providing practical support, advice and care directly to patients. They have been specifically trained to take high quality records, including clinical photographs, dental impressions and x-rays.

  • Leona Moran
    Leona Moran
    GDC no. 129369
  • Lianne Thomson
    Lianne Thomson
    GDC no. 170377
  • Chloe Anderson
    Chloe Anderson
    GDC no. 257028
  • Heather Cameron
    Heather Cameron
    GDC no. 160854
  • Caitlin Brady
    Caitlin Brady
    GDC no. 275845
  • Mark Elford
    Mark Elford
    GDC no. 284919
  • Stefanie Baird
    Stefanie Baird
    GDC no. 266872
  • Chloe Cargill
    Chloe Cargill
    GDC no. 285082

Front of House

Our front of house staff are the first smiley faces you will be greeted with in our modern spacious waiting room. Our excellent receptionists are there to help with any questions or queries you may have. They assist with appointment management, taking your calls and responding to your emails, and are essential to making sure Beam runs efficiently.

  • Donna Hughes
    Donna Hughes
    Front of House Manager
  • Helen Smith
    Helen Smith
  • Karen Finan
    Karen Finan

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