Six-month smiles

You may have heard the term ‘Six-month smiles’ and wondered if it’s the right option for you and your teeth.

‘Six-month smiles’ is a branded treatment, usually offered by dentists who have had little experience in moving teeth rather than specialist orthodontists. It focuses on adjusting your front teeth only, using clear fixed braces, and can work quite quickly but doesn’t address any fundamental orthodontic issues, so is suitable for only very straightforward cases.

Is ‘six-month smiles’ right for you?

Sometimes a quick-fix may be appealing but at Beam, our specialist orthodontists will prescribe treatment options that are most suited to your clinical needs and that will address your teeth appearance concerns. We will have better treatment alternatives for your teeth’s clinical needs that may not take much longer or cost any more, but can guarantee that the end result will be infinitely better.

As specialist orthodontists, we have the training, experience and expertise to be able to advise you on all the treatment options and discreet brace choices available to you, helping you to make an informed choice about how to get the smile you want.

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