Functional braces

During the growth of children’s jaws, it is possible to direct the way the jaws grow using functional orthodontic appliances.

images-111Functional braces are exclusively for kids

During the growth of children’s bones, it is possible to direct the way the teeth grow using functional orthodontic appliances –with dramatic results.

These functional braces are for the exclusive use of growing children and adolescents as they encourage the top teeth to tip backwards and the lower teeth to grow forwards correcting protruding front teeth. They are hugely successful removable appliances that fit onto the top and bottom jaw encouraging the wearer to prosture the lower teeth and jaw forward.

Improving your child’s bite and appearance

The optimal age for a child to wear a functional brace is between 9 and 14 years, but they are more successful when most of the adult teeth are through. Functional braces are offered as an NHS or private treatment and young patients are often referred to us by our partner dentists.

These appliances are normally used for younger patients to reduce the prominence of the upper front teeth and improve the way the teeth bite together. Further orthodontic treatment with fixed braces normally follow straight after a functional appliance to full align the teeth and achieve the best fit of upper versus lower teeth.


Can I eat normally?

It is tricky to eat with a functional brace, and not many patients can manage it. So we advise that you remove your brace at mealtimes, replacing it as soon as possible afterwards.

What about tooth brushing?

It is important you brush thoroughly twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. You can remove your functional brace to clean your teeth, and gently brush your brace, taking care not to damage the wires, before replacing it.

How often can I remove my brace?

The more you wear your brace the quicker you will see the results. It is important that you wear your functional brace as much as possible and we will let you know when you should remove it. Please try not to repeatedly click the brace in and out with your tongue as this can loosen or break the wires and it costs money to repair it as well as making your overall treatment take longer than necessary.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment with a functional brace at Beam Specialist Orthodontic Practice usually takes 6—12 months but we normally follow on to fixed braces to complete the process. This will vary with each individual case.

How often will I need an appointment?

The Beam team will invite you back for regular appointments for your functional braces to be adjusted. Adjustments are usually made every 6 to 8 weeks.

Do I still need to see my regular dentist?

Yes. It is very important that you continue your regular examinations with your usual dentist during your orthodontic treatment at Beam Dundee, so that your teeth can be thoroughly examined.

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