Types of Braces

With advances in technology over the years, patients now have more choices when it comes to the braces they can have, with metal and ceramic options, different colour alternatives, or braces you can hardly see. The choice is down to you and what’s needed clinically for your teeth.

If you’re not keen to show off your braces, there a great range of discreet choices for you depending on your treatment, including Invisalign, Incognito, hidden braces, white braces, and Damon.

There are also the well-known fixed braces, commonly known as ‘train tracks’, and removable braces, both with a great range of colour options. Younger patients may also need functional braces as part of their treatment to help direct the way their jaws grow.

And once you have your own perfect smile it’s important to keep it in shape – and that’s where our retainers come in.

Our brace options and choices make it easier than ever to decide to improve your smile – whatever your age. Many adults didn’t get the orthodontic help they needed when younger, or some find that their teeth have moved out of alignment as they’ve got older. But it’s never too late to make a difference. At Beam we can help you get the smile you want, and with our low-cost payment plans treatments can cost from just £63 a month.